The 2016 ONLINE Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition

In lieu of the usual annual physical exhibition, GNSI members’ works will be featured in a JURIED online exhibit this year. The late start of the GNSI conference planning precluded the ability to secure a suitable gallery space. The opportunity to focus on an exclusively online show will help make for better future digital shows, a mainstay in the art arena these days.

This exhibit will run for 6 weeks, from July 1 to August 12, linked on the front page of the GNSI.org website. Afterwards, it will be archived on the website, so viewing the artwork in context will be accessible for years to come.

Congratulations, 2016 GNSI Exhibit finalists!

Here are the names of all members accepted: 75 artists, 106 pieces.

Patricia Beals
W. Howard Brandenburg
Quinn Burrell
Nancee Busse
Carrie Carlson
Insil Choi
Kathryn Chorney
Connie Cohn
Tara Dalton Bensen
Jillian Ditner
Vicky Earle
Emily M. Eng
Jennifer Fairman
Michael Felber
Linda Feltner
Kathleen Garness
Nancy Gehrig
Rebecca Gelernter
Theophilus Britt Griswold
Gail Guth
Barbara Harmon
Nancy Hart
Jaye Hays
Jonathan Higgins
Julie Himes

Erin Hunter
Barbara Ierulli
D.J. Jackson
Karen Johnson
Virge Kask
Ikumi Kayama
Utako Kikutani
Kathryn Killackey
David Killpack
Kristine A. Kirkeby
Jess Landers
Marjorie Leggitt
Amanda Levine
Taina Litwak
Melissa Logies
Lucy Martin
Kathleen McKeehen
Kimberly Moss
Trudy Nicholson
Kao Nomura
Cordelia Norris
Sarah O'Connell
Mary Anne O'Malley

Reid Psaltis
Dino Pulerà
Lauren Rakes
Michael Rothman
Stephanie Rozzo
Susan Rubin
Anne Runyon
Gail Selfridge
Nora Sherwood
Trudy Smoke
Kristina Spitzner
Bricelyn Strauch
Suzanne Stutzman
Alice Tangerini
Geoffrey Thompson
Heather Tyler
Lyn Alice Wellsand
Robert Winfree
Bruce Worden
Lindsay Wright
Natalya Zahn

Cancer Nanofilter by Nicolle Fuller
Great Blue Heron with Catfish by Erica Beade
Endoscopic Gallbladder Stenting Surgery by Wendy Chadbourne