Program chair (since 2005) of the Science Illustration Certificate Program (formerly at University of California, Santa Cruz), and teacher at the program (now at California State University, Monterey Bay) since 1986. In addition, Anne is the primary color illustrator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.



Michelle has worked as a sea otter biologist at the Monterey Bay for thirty years. Working with universities and government agencies, she is the Sea Otter Field Manager overseeing ecology and conservation projects on otters in the wild. In her free time, Michelle enjoys working with glass, for fusing, mosaic, stained glass and lamp-working projects.



Esperança currently teaches Art History at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has also served as director of the MA in Studio Art from 2003-2015. She received her Ph.D at the Johns Hopkins University with a focus in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. Her particular area of research is devotional art. She started her college career as a Biology major and continues to be interested biology and ecology. Her love of science and Renaissance art come together in her study of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings.