Redwoods - Field Sketching

Walk through the redwoods at UCSC. © 2012 W. Bong

Field Sketching at UCSC

Sunday, July 3rd, Any time between 1:30–5:30 pm

This is an informal event—join any time, or form your own groups with your colleagues, and explore the UCSC campus with your sketchbook in hand! We suggest a relaxed walk from Cowell College down the hill to the East Field overlook (near OPERS on the map), which offers incredible views of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. Head back up across Hagar Drive and through the redwoods to a scenic bridge between Student Services and the McHenry Library, then loop back to Cowell. This route provides a good preview of the UCSC experience, and many opportunities for sketching.

Welcome Reception

Portfolio Exhibition Evening

Sunday, July 3rd, 7:00–9:00 pm

Welcome to Santa Cruz! Join us to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Bring your portfolio and/or sketchbook to share. We will be serving light refreshments.

Seashell and opalescent sea slug. Artwork by Taina Litwak

Seashell (top) and opalescent sea slug (bottom). Artwork by Taina Litwak

Collaborative Chalk Mural Party

Monday, July 4th, 7:00–10:00 pm

Get ready for a Monday night party! Expect a delightful evening of drawing, wine and desserts—working alongside a group of your very talented colleagues! Come prepared with a special species or two you want to draw in chalk. We provide chalks and libations; you provide the inspiration and the fun!

2011 GNSI Conference Group Photo

2011 GNSI Conference Group Photo

Group Photo

Tuesday, July 5th, 11:00–11:30 am

The group photo is being held a day later than normal to make sure we get as many attendees as possible in the shot. It will be held between morning plenary speakers at a location deep in the UCSC forest. Don't miss it!

GNSI Chapters Meeting

Tuesday, July 5th, 12:30–1:30 pm

All GNSI Chapters and Groups should send a representative to the conference if at all possible, or designate someone who is attending to stand in for you.

All representatives are invited to an informal Chapter Meeting on Tuesday during lunch (location to be determined). We will get acquainted and discuss any concerns or questions you may have, and maybe share ideas for attracting new members and planning and running events.

If you have any questions, please contact the GNSI Membership Director, Diana Marques.

Techniques Showcase

Tuesday, July 5th, 2:30–5:30 pm

Jennifer Bates
Pyrographic Art (Wood Burning)

Sandy Ross Bender, Marine Life Gesture Drawing

Virgin Islands sketchbook. ©1995 Sandy R. Bender

Sandy Ross Bender
Marine Life Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing captures the aliveness of a creature and maintains our vital connection with the wild. Following its unexpected movement and mannerisms allows us to perceive it in both its agile complexity and spontaneous simplicity. We begin to draw and paint quickly fostering a new relationship with our tactile sense of using our mediums. This showcase allows the participant to take in the demonstration similar to the way we would draw from life, right there and then.

Quinn Burrell, Illustrator Inking

Quinn Burrell
Illustrator Inking

Adobe Illustrator can produce linework that is clean, infinitely scalable, and precise. However, it can also be counterintuitive and look sterile. This demonstration covers how to create natural-looking lines in Illustrator, and how to choose the inking tool that is right for your project. Learn and practice techniques for the pen, pencil, brush, and blob brush tools that you can apply to your next technical illustration or infographic.

Linda Feltner, Watercolor Pencil

Soaptree yucca pods.
©2009 Linda M. Feltner

Linda M. Feltner
Watercolor Pencil: From Sketching to Sophistication

Watercolor pencil can be refined and elegant as well as spontaneous and sketchy. Create final art or preliminaries for digital works while keeping your unique style fresh and exciting. Easily portable, it combines both worlds of drawing and painting. It can be flexible and dynamic when used with other media such as ink or colored pencil, and it’s always fun.

Rebecca Gelernter, Intro to SketchUp

Construction spaceships. ©2016 Rebecca Gelernter

Rebecca Gelernter
Introduction to SketchUp

Rebecca will provide an introduction to 3D modeling in SketchUp, a program that uses lines, planes, and simple geometric shapes to create buildings, vehicles, household items, and other objects.

Nancy R. Halliday
Small Mammals in Watercolor

Nancy will demonstrate the use of transparent layers in watercolor.

Melissa Logies, Digital Colorization and Painting in Photoshop

Tortoise beetles of Brazil. © 2016 Melissa Logies

Melissa Logies
Digital Colorization and Painting in Photoshop

In this showcase, learn how to take a scanned drawing and bring it to life with color in Photoshop. Skip the watercolors and colored pencils and cut down on the tedious hours spent painting layer upon layer in Photoshop. See how your graphite drawing, or even just a tonal sketch, can quickly become a full-color illustration ready for publication.

Reid Psaltis, Public Domain Assisted Animation

Elk in rotary gallop. Eadweard Muybridge, public domain.

Reid Psaltis
Public Domain Assisted Animation

Public domain images are a can be a great shortcut to assisting an animation. Eadweard Muybridge's studies on animals in motion are a great template for key frames to a simple looping animation. I'll show how you can build off his work to make your own art move.

Scott Rawlins, Hybrid Pen and Ink

Orbinia ornata, a marine polychaete worm. © 2013 Scott Rawlins

Scott Rawlins
Hybrid Pen and Ink: A Mixture of Digital and Traditional Techniques to Create Effective Line Drawings

Just about every scientific illustrator uses digital applications for line drawings today, but unless these are executed with extreme attention to detail, they often look sterile or mechanical. By using the computer to generate lines and then finishing the work by hand, illustrators can save time but still produce drawings that achieve a classic pen and ink appearance. Scott Rawlins will demonstrate (and talk about) his way to blend digital and traditional media quickly and easily to create 21st century pen and ink drawings that even Jerry Hodge might consider respectable.

Bricelyn Strauch, Character Animator with Adobe After Effects CC

Character Animator project UI. © 2015 Bricelyn H. Strauch

Bricelyn H. Strauch
Using the Character Animator App with Adobe After Effects CC 2015

Adobe has developed a new app called Character Animator that makes, you guessed it, animating characters in After Effects much easier. It comes standard with AE CC 2015 and is easy to use, even if you have little-to-no animation experience. With motion-tracking technology and a correctly-structured base art file, you can have a lip-synced character animation in minutes! Whether you are developing an educational animation for kids or need an animated narrator for your next patient education video short, Character Animator can be a great tool for you!

Brooke A Weiland, How to Make an Animated GIF with Photoshop

Animated patterns of the NYPL Collections on the Photoshop stage. © 2015 Brooke A. Weiland

Brooke A. Weiland
How to Make an Animated GIF with Photoshop

Brooke will be demonstrating how to create an animated GIF in Photoshop. This is an easy skill that is great for showcasing your work, especially progress shots, or even animating illustrations.

GNSI Auction

Tuesday, July 5th, 7:00–10:00 pm

Start gathering those auction goodies! All auction proceeds are split evenly between the GNSI General Fund and the Education Fund—your support is greatly appreciated! Plus, you get to clean out those closets! We take most anything, from the lovely to the wacky, and even that Indescribable Thing (you know, that strange gift you got this Christmas from Uncle Fred and Aunt Flo—here’s your chance to unload it!). We’d love for you to bring it with you, but if you can’t make it (or it’s too big to haul), please contact Calene Luczo for shipping information. Please be sure to include a note saying who you are, what the auction item is, and its approximate value. Or complete the official auction form and include it with your item.

The auction evening consists of both a silent auction and a high-spirited, often hilarious live auction. Whether you come home with a suitcase stuffed full of nifty new gewgaws and knickknacks or don’t buy anything at all, the auction is always a rewarding experience.

Business Meeting with Box Lunch

Wednesday, July 6th, 11:15 am – 1:30 pm

All Core Registrants and Wednesday Day Registrants have a meal waiting for them at our annual Business meeting. Come and learn what your Guild has been doing! Guests may purchase a meal on the registration form and come join us as well.

Bhojwani Dining Room

Bhojwani Dining Room. Courtesy of UCSC.

Banquet Dinner

Wednesday, July 6th, 6:30–9:00 pm

Join us for a banquet dinner at the University Center on campus, a spectacular setting among tall redwood trees. We will be eating in the Bhojwani Dining Room and enjoying the beautiful view from the room’s numerous windows. After dinner, we will screen a slideshow of the 2016 GNSI Online Members’ Exhibit.

All Core Registrants are included in this event. Day Registrants and Guests may purchase the banquet on the registration form and join the fun!

Chalk Mural Opening Reception

Thursday, July 7th, 7:30–9:30 pm

The conference committee is hosting a private opening reception for the finished chalk mural in the exhibition space of NOAA’s Sanctuary Exploration Center (SEC). Directly after dinner, shuttle buses will bring us all down to the SEC, a block from the famous Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. We will have two hours to enjoy our chalk mural, the SEC exhibits, and dessert.